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Only The Oldies has successfully moved to Radionomy! For info on how to listen (sorry, listening access is currently only available via popular desk-top OS browsers), go to radio.rocknrollzone.com.

Status updates will be posted at radio.rocknrollzone.com. Anyone interested in staying up to date is advised to periodically re-check. Note - our "desktop" site may not be accessible via all small-screen mobile devices. The use of a tablet or desktop is recommended.

A big "thanks" to our loyal listeners for your inspiring support and feedback!

The Station

Think of this station as your own musical time machine for reliving the best rock'n'roll of the sixties and early seventies. And what better way to enjoy the best music of this era than to hear only the best. There's no boring pop "filler" or lame easy-listening songs to pad up the playlists while bringing everything else down. It's only rock'n'roll ...and it's Only The Oldies


The Artists

Animals, Beach Boys, Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, CCR, Chicago, Donovan, The Doors, Guess Who, The Hollies, The Kinks, Lovin' Spoonfull, Monkees, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Mamas and the Papas, Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkle, Tommy James and the Shondells, Van Morrison, The Who and many others!


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